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When it comes to our skin, Father Time is not our friend. But renowned New York City dermatologist and researcher Dr. Neil Sadick suggests you fight back with these new anti-aging ingredients. After all, it’s a new year — so why not a new you too?

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A - Coffee Berry: The fruit of the coffee plant; surrounds the coffee bean.
Coffee berries contain an abundance of polyphenols — antioxidants that neutralize free radicals and defend skin cells against harmful oxidation, thus protecting skin from environmental damage.
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B - Resveratrol: A naturally occurring chemical found in plants.
Scientists believe that it stimulates the sirtuin (SIRT-1) gene, which is responsible not only for reducing fat stores during low-calorie diets, but also for significantly slowing the aging process.
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C - Nicotinamide: A B-vitamin traditionally used in acne treatments and as an anti-inflammatory.
Studies have shown that nicotinamide inhibits melanosomes, the part of the skin cell that contains melanin, which, when overexposed to sunlight, can lead to ugly sunspots. It also increases skin’s production of natural emollients (for hydration).
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D - Alpha-Longoza Complex: A complex found in longoza, a rare plant that grows in Madagascar. According to Dr. Sadick, this ingredient treats all signs of aging, including wrinkles, loss of firmness and redness. Plus, it improves the overall quality of the skin.
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