As the host of shows such as ABC’s Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin and Animal Planet’s Jeff Corwin Experience, animal advocate Jeff Corwin has ventured all over the world to work with wildlife in their natural habitats. We asked him to share with us his favorite places to travel.

St. Lawrence (above)
Seaway, Quebec
“We were there looking at beluga whales. There’s this isolated population, thousands of miles from the Arctic, which got stranded during the Ice Age. It looks like a cross between Vermont and France — all mountains with little farms and pastoral villages — except there are arctic creatures.”

Sitka, Alaska
“I love the mountainous landscape with a backdrop of beautiful conifers. There are few places where you can be in the last wild frontier, but Alaska is that.”

“The people there are wonderful, and I love that I can go five miles after eating a great bowl of ceviche in Panama City and be on an adventure of a lifetime. Panama is 70 to 80 percent pristine habitat, with great diversity of amphibians and birds.”

“There’s just something about being in Africa. You look out to see these endless golden fields of savannah, with the great megafauna moving through the landscape.”

Monterey, Calif.
“You can be in a kayak amongst sea otters, seals, sea lions and whales in a kelp forest. To me, that’s remarkable. You can walk for 20 miles along the coast and not see a soul.”