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Instead of spending the summer playing the same old games, go retro. Need some inspiration? Here are some suggestions.

Pitch a ringer.
A weekend camping trip isn’t complete without a game of horseshoes. Score with a set that is sanctioned by the National Horseshoe Pitchers Association. The Halex Premier version includes four horseshoes made from hammer-finished steel and two stakes that make the clinking sound that signifies a ringer. $33. www.amazon.com

Serve up points.

Send the shuttlecock soaring over the net and let the game begin! This modern badminton set has all of the right equipment to start a backyard tournament this weekend, including four aluminum rackets, six feather shuttlecocks, and a net that fits into a zippered canvas bag. $55. www.restorationhardware.com

Take aim.

Copter Darts, a modern take on the classic game of lawn darts (a.k.a. Jarts), is a set of four darts with weighted plastic tips and a colorful target that folds into its own pouch. Stand back, take aim, and throw the dart toward the bull’s-eye. The flexible foam darts are soft enough to be used indoors or out. $33. www.ogosport.com

Roll to win.

Bocce ball is a summertime staple. Grab a scoop of gelato, pick a colored ball, and aim to win. The Park and Sun Tournament 109 mm Bocce Ball set comes with eight bocce balls, one pallino (white ball), a distance marker, a carrying bag, and a set of rules. The resin balls are 109 mm -- perfect for beginners -- and come in four different colors. $80. www.bocceballsets.com

Strike out.

Before lawn bowling, there was skittles. The game was developed in Europe and involves setting up the hand-turned, solid-wood skittles and attempting to knock them down with a small wooden ball. Sets are available with skittles “dressed” as firemen, sailors, policemen, or palace guards, and each set includes three balls and nine skittles. $99. www.jaqueslondon.com

Whack the ball.

Croquet is a nostalgic lawn game loved by British monarchs, and this stunning solid teak set is elegant enough for the queen. It includes four mallets, four colorful balls, 10 hoops, two pegs, and a storage box: all of the right equipment to conquer the competition and have a great time. $498. www.dwr.com