"Check out some Tim Tam chocolate biscuits. They are unbeatable. There's this thing called a Tim Tam Explosion, which is kind of an underground thing. You bite the corners off the Tim Tam and you get a hot cup of tea and you suck through the biscuit like it's a straw. And then when the tea hits your lips, you eat the whole biscuit and it explodes in your mouth. I also like Twisties, these cheese-flavored twisty things. I can tell whenever my mom's worried about me because she sends me Tim Tams and Twisties, a little comfort pack."

"The Opera House, of course. It's such a beautiful sight. The Sydney Harbour Bridge is famous for having the best fireworks. You can climb up the bridge as well. You get hooked into harnesses and actually walk up the high part, the arch of it. It's quite tedious after a while. But you see everything, the whole harbor, and it's just beautiful."

"You have to go to Ayers Rock to see the aboriginal walkabouts. It's right in the center of Australia, quite far from Sydney. The aboriginal name for Ayers Rock is Uluru. It's a massive red rock in the middle of the desert and it's quite dramatic to watch it through the different stages of the day. I think it's important to really respect as a tourist the culture of the aboriginals. You have to take it seriously and respect their tradition and be aware that it's really their land."


"I grew up in Berkeley Vale, and my local beaches were Shelly Beach and Bateau Bay Beach. I remember being on the beach from 8 in the morning until dark. That is the strongest memory I have of my youth. And climbing trees. … I think that in Australia especially in the small beach towns, everything has something to do with nature. … Australia's nature is reflected in its people. Australians are very tough, very adventurous, can be very ambitious, and I think it's because of the weather."