"I like a good wakeboard on Sydney Harbour. A wakeboard is like a mini-surfboard with two fins. You're pulled along like you're water-skiing, but it's just one little board so your feet are at an angle. The Blue Mountains [an hour southwest of Sydney] are a definite must-see. Especially for a cozy winter weekend at a gorgeous bed-and-breakfast with a big open fire."

"Featherdale Wildlife Park has a lot of kangaroos. You get to feed them. That's great for a tourist who doesn't have the time to drive around to see one in the wild. The ones that are tame are fine, but there are very strong and wild kangaroos you don't want to mess with. I remember driving up the coast to visit my grandparents and they have these signs to watch out for kangaroo crossings. The further you go up the coast and inland they've got these giant 'roos. They're massive. Six feet tall or taller. [If you hit one] you would have a dent in your car and the kangaroos would keep jumping."

"An acquaintance of mine owns the Bodhi Cafe in central Sydney. It's very small with big wooden tables and benches. It's quite communal eating. For lunch and dinner, they do an amazing spinach salad with pine nuts and sun-dried tomatoes and grilled aubergine. The Ana Harbour Grand Hotel has a proper Japanese restaurant called Unkai. You don't go there for atmosphere; you go for amazing Japanese food. If you want more Japanese, Matsuri has brilliant sushi."

"I would definitely [go to] the Australian Ballet. The Sydney Dance Company and Sydney Chamber Orchestra are also excellent."