"Will & Toby's in Darlinghurst is a small exclusive lounge/ bar with fantastic cocktails."


"Because of the climate, you want a good straw cowboy hat. And Birkenstocks are very popular. But the one thing to know is that Sydney is cold in winter. So you need a good scarf and a warm jacket. People sometimes think that Australia is always hot, but it's not true. The rain is rugged, and it's representative of the nature in Australia. Everything is quite extreme. The sun is very, very hot, so you have to put protection on."

"Hugo's at Bondi Beach is great for scrambled eggs and smoked salmon. There's also a fantastic juice bar, Squeeze, down the road."

"Bondi is great on a Saturday. There are so many people. Locals would probably go during the week, but if you're a tourist, it's great fun to go to Bondi. Great people-watching and a great atmosphere. Campbell Parade is the main drag with all the cafes, some of them facing the beach."

"The Rocks Market in Sydney has classic Australian art pieces. There are some great designers on Crown Street. My favorite shopping stretch is along Oxford Street in Paddington, which is funky, quite young and hip. There are pubs and it's just cool to hang in Paddington for the day. One of my favorite places is Luxe, which has some really unique items."

"Lulu's in Paddington is a great French-style bistro surrounded by fantastic shopping. The Earth Food Store is an organic supermarket where I used to get all my fruits and vegetables and buy vegetarian wraps and organic pasta sauces. I used to get beet juice in there. It's a fantastic store for anyone who is vegetarian or vegan. Australia is, I guess, very pro-vegetarianism, so most restaurants cater to vegetarians."