Where do you go, then, if you want to avoid finding yourself all over the tabloids the next morning?
Icebergs, which is also on Bondi Beach, but is more on the Italian side. It's quite rich, actually. Again, these are beachfront restaurants and, again, much of the experience is about more than just the food. It's what you're looking at and where you are. There are a number of great places in the city, too, especially on the wharf near the W Hotel. The one I go to is called Otto, which is also Italian. They make great risotto and do a great bellini. Then there's a landmark called Harry's Cafe de Wheels. He has always sold meat pies. I don't know if it exists anywhere else in the world. I'm not a meat lover, but it's a huge thing in Australia, so you go for the meat pie.

How would you define a meat pie to someone who's never had one?
It's sort of like a sausage roll. When I was a kid, the first thing we would do after school is grab a meat pie. You could probably get them then for 25 cents. Harry's used to be a rather low-rent place, but over the years it's become a landmark. Now they write about it in books and everything.

Any other restaurant recommendations?
Some of my favorite restaurants are in east Sydney. All I keep telling you about is Italian restaurants, but they're all great, like Bill & Toni's and another one called No Names. I remember going there as a kid. There are only a few things to choose from, but it's really, really cheap and full of atmosphere. I might be biased, but I rate Australia as having some of the best food in the world. Yeah, other than Italy, I'd say it is probably the best food I've ever had in the world. Because everything is fresher and the tastes are much stronger and purer.

What are your favorite places to shop?
There are great shops in Paddington along Oxford Street, but my favorite shops are on Williams Street. You've got Belinda, which is full of young designers, some of them local, some imported. It's expensive, but it has fantastic vintage stuff and some of the best finds I've ever come across. Then there's Collette Dinnigan, one of Australia's most famous designers. She sells all over America. She has shops in London and Paris. She's one of our biggest exports. Her dresses are very feminine but very modern and classic at the same time. She's a friend of mine and I have worn her things on several occasions and to several functions. There's also a fantastic shop called Orson & Blake that sells great clothes, but mainly what I like about it is the furniture. Then there's Queen Street, which has great antiques stores and galleries and things. Great shops and cafes, too.

Does the nightlife get wild down under?
My nightlife days are kind of long ago. There's a bar called SohoBar in King's Cross that I'd go to. And I had my 18th birthday in a small club called The Freezer. In those days I had aspirations to become a dancer, so I did a dance routine there that I had rehearsed. I actually performed at my 18th birthday. I don't know what I was thinking. Somebody should have stopped me. It was one of those classic dances to Janet Jackson, where I was the girl and I was being fought over by two men.