Buda Mendes/Getty Images

Some of pop music’s biggest acts have new studio albums due out in 2014. But in the music biz, release dates come and go. Here are seven highly anticipated CDs — and the chances they’ll really come out this year.

U2The Irish quartet's new CD is influenced by the Ramones and Talking Heads.90 percent.
Waiting one more year outside the spotlight would deal a deathblow to Bono's ego.
BLINK-182The reunited punk-pop trio is label-shopping for its next album.70 percent.
A quick release is essential before fans grow too old for toilet humor.
DON HENLEYCass County would be the Eagles singer's first solo disc since 2000.65 percent.
The film History of the Eagles made it clear everyone needs a break from Glenn Frey.
50 CENTFiddy had to revamp Street King Immortal after "We Up" fell on deaf ears.50 percent.
Even millionaire rappers have to take orders from their record-company kingpins.
ADELEThe British singer is working on her third CD while raising her 1-year-old son.45 percent.
The thought of having to sing "Itsy Bitsy Spider" one more time may be enough to drive her back into the studio.
D'ANGELOThe soul singer's first CD since 2000 was reportedly "97 percent finished" two years ago.10 percent.
Don't hold your breath.
BEYONCÉQueen B and her army of producers just finished her fifth solo disc.0 percent.
She surprised her fans by releasing the self-titled album in December instead of in 2014. Enjoy!