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Hold the froufrou: We recommend the finely designed. Behold, five modern ways to say those three little words. — R.B.

1 American artist Jim Dine’s soulful Rancho Woodcut Heart, 1982, is a wall-filling symbol of your love. $45. Museum of Modern Art, (800) 447-6662, www.momastore.org

2 Do we have to remind you which key to store in this tiny dazzler? The one to your heart, of course. Your love will love it — and we love that it reminds us of those candy hearts that plead “Be Mine” and “Hot Stuff.” Believe us, they’ll get the message. $275. Tiffany & Co., (800) 843-3269, www.tiffany.com

3 If your sweetie is into sleek, bowl him or her over with Nambé’s luxe, liquid vessel. It’s up to you what goes in it. Sweetheart Bowl, from $60. (800) 443-0339, www.nambe.com

4 No wilting allowed. Give designer Esther Knobel’s sterling-silver-and-dried-flower take on a Valentine’s Day tradition. $310. Moss, (866) 888-6677, www.mossonline.com

5 It’s pop art for the palate. Godiva’s tasty, well-designed twist on the ol’ box-of-chocolate­ cliché. (Hurry: They’re limited edition, available only until Cupid’s big day.) Fifteen-piece G Collection, $45. (800) 946-3482, www.godiva.com