When you roll back time for one precious hour at 2 a.m. on October 31, we certainly hope you’ll be doing it on one of these up-to-the-minute timekeepers and not something too cuckoo.

Get time anywhere you need it with industrial designers Giovanni
Pellone and Bridget Means’ witty little polar fleece Pin Up. Twelve pushpins sub for numerals (embroidered marks keep you on track), but we rather like the notion of adjusting the pins as you see fit. Who says you can’t buy more time? $34. Available through Benza, (877) 247-9323, www.benzadesign.com.

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Time brushes by in wood, acrylic, and brushed aluminum thanks to product designer Matt Carr’s new ticker for Umbra. The 12 brushed-aluminum marker discs “float” in space, rather like time itself. $60. (800) 387-5122, www.umbra.com

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Look time directly in its midcentury modern face with designer George Nelson’s recently reissued out-there eye. In 1957, Nelson — a crony of such greats as Ray and Charles Eames, Eero Saarinen, and Harry Bertoia — turned brass, walnut, and lacquered metal into something truly visionary. $300. Available through Vitra, (888) 278-2855 or www.vitra.com, and the Museum of Modern Art, (800) 447-6662 or www.momastore.org.

— Rob Brinkley