Courtesy Museum of Bad Art
The Museum of Bad Art (MOBA) is dedicated to artwork that is, well, just “too bad to be ignored.” Its mission? To bring the worst of art to the widest of audiences. The 600-piece collection, shown in several Boston-area galleries, is full of works that were once destined for the trash. The museum’s curator-in-chief, Michael Frank, receives submissions every day from around the world, in addition to collecting those “special” pieces he finds at yard sales and thrift shops.

Courtesy Museum of Bad Art
“We look for original artwork that was created in an attempt to make an artistic statement but in which it is apparent that something has gone wrong,” Frank explains.

The museum was founded when the painting Lucy In the Field With Flowers was fished out of the trash. This single painting planted the seed that grew into MOBA.

If you can’t get to Boston, you can see some of the collection online or on the museum’s new YouTube channel, where Frank reads his interpretations and offers information about the inspiration of each piece aloud.

“When we interpretate — I made up that word because some of the images in our collection are so vexing that merely interpreting them would be insufficient — we have fun with the images, but [we] are never mean-spirited toward the artists,” Frank explains. “Our fans understand we are not mocking the artists, but rather the self-important purveyors of art speak and museum lingo.”

Admission is free,