The latest portable DVD players are easy to carry, boast high-quality pictures, and have enough battery life for an entire movie. Screens are getting larger and some batteries last up to six hours — enough for a double feature. Now that’s entertainment.

SAMSUNG DVD-L100, $999
Pros: Its 10-inch screen is largest currently available. 160-degree viewing angle with two headphone jacks for sharing with a seatmate. Inversion system allows picture-flip when unit is attached upside down in a car.

Cons: Only picture control button is brightness.

Bottom Line: This big model does double duty for business trips and family vacations.

TOSHIBA SD-P2000, $999
Pros: Second-generation portable player includes lots of picture-adjustment bells and whistles (including zoom), a large 8.9-inch screen, and above-average resolution
Cons: Built-in speaker volume is too low to hear without headphones.

Bottom Line: Best model for those who want to fine-tune their picture.

AUDIOVOX D1730, $450
Pros: Weighs less than 2 pounds with the battery attached, also plays CDs and MP3s in surround sound and comes with cigarette lighter adapter.

Cons: Small screen at 7 inches

Bottom Line: One of the least expensive on the market, this lightweight machine’s multiple functions pack value.