She’s Batman. Or Batwoman. Whichever.

But talk to DesLauriers for a while, and something else becomes clear. She’s a lot more at ease than your average Dark Knight. Peaceful, even. Maybe that just happens to anyone who does a lot of yoga or who has had an audience with a Buddhist lama or has climbed Everest. Maybe there’s something about standing on the very top of the world that puts a person in touch with stuff the rest of us can’t quite grasp. Or maybe it works the other way: Maybe it’s being in touch with that stuff — knowing who you are, what you’re doing on this planet — that allows a person to climb so high and, in her case, ski so fast, in the first place.

Either way, DesLauriers — who these days is leading expeditions to Prince William Sound, writing a book about her ski trips around the world, and telling her story to corporations, school groups, and ski seminars — is just happy that people are getting something out of her accomplishment. And she has a message for them: Whatever your lifestyle is, live it, whether that means working less and reading more books or daring to ski the Lhotse Face. “Life is full of calculated risks,” she says. “But that shouldn’t keep you from doing what you want to do.”