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The law of supply and demand applies even on New Year’s Eve. That’s why it’s expensive to attend a big bash on the special night, especially in cities that draw the most year-end revelers. So what do you do if your party budget is large but not unlimited? You celebrate in these alternative cities.

By Joseph Guinto
The Big Spender Will Go to:  New York
You’ll Go to:  Philadelphia
Independence square is not Times Square, of course. But it is on the East Coast. It is in the middle of a dense city center filled with shops and restaurants, and it will be brightly lit when the glitter City gala — an 1,800-attendee event at the National Constitution Center — stages a midnight fireworks show over the liberty Bell. Prices start at $120 a person.

The Big Spender Will Go to: Paris
You’ll Go to:  Montreal
The most Parisian party in Montreal takes place in the most Parisian of the city’s neighborhoods, charming old Montreal. There, the Place d’armes Hotel and suites offers continental breakfasts, wine and cheese, cocktails, and entry to the hotel’s Moonlight serenade Party. Ring in the new year with dinner, dancing, Champagne, and an open bar. Packages start at around $860 and include accommodations.

The Big Spender Will Go to: Somewhere on a big yacht, in international waters
You’ll Go to: Long Beach, California

If Donald trump invites you to ring in the new year on his yacht, by all means accept. If he doesn’t, board the Queen Mary, where you can party with thousands of people in more than half a dozen themed venues, watch some fireworks, and eventually go to bed in a room of your own. oh, and no need to worry about seasickness: the Queen Mary won’t be moving. a package for two, with party admission, overnight stay, dinner, and a bottle of Champagne, is $745.

The Big Spender Will Go to: Rio de Janeiro
You’ll Go to: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Rio’s famously popular new year’s Eve party takes place all along the Copacabana. likewise, the party in the Dominican Republic’s capital proceeds along El Malecón, a beachside strip packed tight with dance clubs, bars, and restaurants. Package deals? ah, who needs them when you can dance to the merengue songs of numerous musicians while bar-hopping the year away?

The Big Spender Will Go to: Sydney
You’ll Go to: San Francisco

Yes, there’s a new year’s Eve fireworks show in a beautiful bay with a stunning work of architecture in the background, but, no, this isn’t australia. this is the san Francisco Bay, the work of architecture is the Bay Bridge, and you’re on the deck of the California Hornblower. Inside, indulge yourself with a four-course dinner and an open bar. then dance off the excess and wish your shipmates a good day. Package price is $249 per person. — J.g.


Not a fan of the big-bash idea but want to do something? Follow these five rules for holding your own nonevent and you’ll be set. — J.G.

If New Year’s Eve is amateur night — a time for people who don’t normally get out to go wild — an antiparty is its antithesis. It should feel like an almost accidental gathering. This means no themes, no more than a dozen people, and no elaborate planning. Invite people just a few days beforehand.

Antiparty pros do not drink and drive. Don’t make your guests have to worry about their intake. Call cabs, nominate a single designated driver, pull out the futon, or invite only the neighbors.

Real Champagne is for New Year’s Eve parties. Antiparties are fueled by the less-expensive Prosecco, an Italian bubbly.

Playing games will “keep everyone’s energy up until midnight,” says Eva Ingvarson, trend expert and editor for Evite.com. Poker, board games, and a Wii tennis match will all work. Halo 3, however, is a bad idea.

Music is good, but leave the TV off until just before midnight. Watch the ball drop, and then shut the TV off again. Dancing to “Celebration” is for people who paid for that, um, privilege.