Gifts That Keep on Giving (Literally)

While it’s all well and good to give a gift your recipient of choice will truly love, isn’t it that
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much better if your gift also serves as an ongoing reminder of what a wonderful person you are? Oh, come on. We’re kidding. Mostly. The easiest way to give a dandy gift and garner some ongoing warm thoughts for yourself: a three-month subscription to a gift-of-the-month club. Here are six of our favorites. — Jenna Schnuer

Put an end to the long drives to that art-film center miles and miles away. Film Movement delivers one new independent (such as Monster Thursday, pictured above) or foreign film and one short film per month. And there’s no schlock here — these puppies are picked by top-notch film-festival directors. $48, (866) 937-3456,

Sweeten things up with tasty treats straight from America’s Dairyland., an all-things-Wisconsin gift company, has partnered with O&H Danish Bakery to send out their famed Danish Kringles far and wide. $59, (877) 947-6233,

Know somebody who thrives on a bit of heat? Get them fired up with the Hot Sauce of the Month Club. A monthly shipment of twoyou-won’t-find-them-at-your-local-market sauces will certainly get your loved ones a-sizzling. $57, (800) 566-0599,

Bath fizzies are da bomb of relaxation products and come in every scent you could possibly imagine — but, really, do you know anybody who actually buys them for themselves? Send your favorite bath fanatic three months’ worth of fizzy bliss. $115, (888) 717-2284,

Bacon. Yum. Breakfast and BLT lovers will shed tears of joy (really) over these monthly bacon deliveries from Zingerman’s, Michigan’s best-loved deli. The club name, When Pigs Fly, gets our vote for best in show. $89, (888) 636-8162, www.­

It’s definitely a for-children-of-all-ages thing: We can’t imagine anything happier (well, besides getting the bacon) than receiving a new tin toy in the mail. So imagine what it would be like to receive a new one every month! It’s a small step back in time and a huge step forward in fun. $40, (800) 424-3950,

  • Image about month-club-oh-danish-bakery-jenna-schnuer-relaxation-products-americanway