For a little family entertainment this month, check out the two-disc special edition of Monsters Inc., which was nominated for four Academy Awards. The DVD is full of extras, including the Oscar-nominated Pixar short For the Birds; the animated short-feature Mike’s New Car, made specifically for the DVD; and the always-hilarious outtakes synonymous with Pixar films.

Several long-anticipated classics also make their DVD debuts this month, starting with Paramount’s Grease. New interviews with John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John, and Stockard Channing are included, although the bonuses that usually accompany a release of this magnitude are a little sparse.

And Beatles fans, take note: A Hard Day’s Night, the Oscar-nominated comedy that allowed the public a day in the life of the Fab Four, hits the streets September 24 — and you’ll find that the wait was worth it. Extras include a 30-minute never-before-seen original documentary, as well as 20 minutes of all-new behind-the-scenes footage; three audio commentary tracks with the cast and crew; A Hard Day’s Night scrapbook and music retrospective; and the short film Running, Jumping, Standing Still.