Outside every MinuteClinic is a menu of common illnesses: “Strep Throat, $48; Poison Ivy, $44; Bladder Infection, $48;” and on down the list of about two dozen ailments and vaccines. MinuteClinic, with its slogan “You’re sick. We’re quick,” is leading a trend to offer convenient and cost-
effective healthcare for common and uncomplicated illnesses. Forty-five percent of the patients seen at MinuteClinic would have gone to an emergency room or urgent-care facility, where the average cost ranges from $125 to $325, says MinuteClinic CEO Linda Hall Whitman. Every MinuteClinic patient is seen by a nurse practitioner, and visits last just 15 minutes. If there is a wait, the clinic will give you a pager or call your cellphone when it’s your turn. MinuteClinic does take insurance, so the visit could simply be the cost of a co-pay. This year, MinuteClinic, which operates out of retail chains like Target and grocery stores, plans to open in several new regions, concentrating on cities with populations of 1.5 million or more. Get ready to open up and say ... hey, wait, is that shirt on sale? (952) 929-1233, www.minuteclinic.com
- Beth Snyder Bulik