Prefer the zippy performance of a small car, but feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the giant SUVs hogging the highway lately? BMW's New Mini Cooper may be the key to your driving dilemma. Available in the U.S. this month, the MINI Cooper is a small car with attitude. The first all-new product from the MINI line since its inception in 1959, the diminutive car maxes out at just under 12 feet. Does size really matter? Not when BMW has managed to squeeze plenty of comfort and style, in addition to the latest safety features (six airbags and all-round disc brakes) into its design, all starting at under $18,000. The 115-horsepower MINI Cooper is equally at home squeezing into tight urban parking spaces as it is zipping along winding country roads. Crave a bit more power? Not to worry. Check out the higher performance 163-horsepower MINI Cooper S.