THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS was originally planned to be part of The Matrix Reloaded, this past summer’s sequel to the 1999 blockbuster The Matrix. But, when Reloaded got too long, producers split the movie into two. So, if you saw Reloaded, you’ll ease right into Revolutions. The big difference here is this film takes place mostly on “scorched Earth,” which we think might be the real world and not the virtual world. Or, maybe it’s not. Really, what’s the difference? The prior movies succeeded more because of their stunning action sequences than their brain-freezing plots, and Revolutions seeks no independence from that approach. Good thing. November 5.

THE CAT IN THE HAT You know the premise: Bored kids are visited by a cat in a hat and a couple of Things. As one would expect, when cats in hats and Things are around, a mess ensues. But this time the mess is made in live action and with multimillion-dollar special effects. Mike Myers is funny, yet somehow creepy, as the title feline, but the stars here are the pricey action and eye-popping sets. Rocket cars roar down streets lined with purple houses, and inside, lemon-lime furniture and tangerine accent pieces get totally trashed. Dr. Seuss would have loved it. November 21.