The Office (NBC)
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While the fall season usually spawns a wave of freshman TV hits, some midseason replacements (like ­Seinfeld, The Simpsons and Happy Days) have ranked among the most popular series ever. American Way compares some of the classics with their potential 2014 successors.

The Office  (NBC)
A foray into the personal and business shenanigans of a paper company run by a pompous supervisor (Steve Carell)
Rake (FOX)
A discombobulated, indebted attorney struggles to get back in the game. Greg Kinnear brings his natural charm to a shady character.
Grey's Anatomy (ABC)
A look into the lives of surgical interns training to become full-fledged doctors in a Seattle hospital
The Night Shift (NBC)
An Afghanistan war veteran (Eoin Macken) oversees a Texas trauma center struggling with financial austerity — highly relevant to our tumultuous economic times.
Numb3rs (CBS)
A brilliant mathematics professor helps his brother in the FBI solve crimes.
Intelligence (CBS)
With a powerful microchip implanted in his brain, a U.S. operative (Josh Holloway) battles threats to national security and seeks out his missing wife.
Malcolm In the Middle (FOX)
The third son of four, Malcolm (Frankie Muñiz) chronicles the lovable lunacy of his off-the-wall family.
Surving Jack (FOX)
Christopher Meloni brings the funny as the gruff, unfiltered father of two adolescents dealing with hormones and peer pressure.