Pint-Size MRIs. Kaku predicts that MRI machines will be the size of cellphones. “Now, they’re the size of a hospital room,” he notes. “Why? Because you need uniform magnetic fields, which require very large magnetic coils.

“But super-computer power will be so advanced that they can compensate for weak magnetic fields and use small magnetic fields. There’s already an MRI machine that’s the size of a briefcase. So after you talk to Robo Doc on your bedroom wall, you’ll do an MRI scan and send it to the hospital, and they’ll tell you if you need surgery or just have indigestion.”

Kaku insists that his predictions are grounded in reality, not pie-in-the-sky speculation.
“I’ve had the privilege of a ringside seat to the whole process of looking at how the future will unfold,” he continues. “We take camera crews and interview the world’s top scientists who are inventing the future in their laboratories, doing the yeoman’s work of assembling the devices, gizmos and therapies that will change everything.”

In response to skeptics, he points out that not much more than 100 years ago, people lived in a world where high-speed travel was a wagon that didn’t get stuck in the mud, and long-distance communication involved yelling out a window.