Get Me a Beer — Stat! Kaku believes we’ll eventually go all Uri Geller on everything around us, controlling things through mental telepathy.

“They’re already doing this at Brown University,” Kaku explains. “They’ve inserted chips the size of half a penny on the surface of brains of paralyzed people, and the patients were able to look at a laptop and move a cursor on the screen. It took them a couple of hours — but it’s like learning to ride a bike. Eventually they could surf the Web, play video games and control a wheelchair.

“In the future, we will literally take control of computers and have them carry out our wishes,” he adds. “IBM futurists think that’s how we’ll communicate with computers in a decade or so. We’ve got a long way to go, but we’ll communicate telepathically and won’t even think twice about it. We’ll be walking down the street and make a restaurant reservation, just by thinking about it.”

Bye-Bye, Computer. Kaku foresees a day when computers exist only in museums.
“In the future, computer power will be everywhere and nowhere, like electricity and running water. The word computer will disappear from the English language. When computer chips cost a penny, it will unleash the next revolution, when you talk to things and they talk back.”