Home, James. “In the future, cars will drive themselves,” Kaku predicts. “Google is spending millions perfecting this technology. You hop into a car and relax, do your homework or whatever. It’s actually safer than a human-driven car — and it doesn’t get road rage or drive while drunk.”

Human Body Shop. “We already can grow things like noses, ears, cartilage, blood vessels, skin and heart valves from our own cells,” he notes. “In 20 years, we’ll be able to grow every organ in our body except the brain. We won’t die of organ failure anymore.

“And as far as cancer is concerned, we’ll have nanoparticles that act like rifle bullets, compared to chemo, which works like a shotgun,” he adds. “These particles will destroy cancer cells at the molecular level, one by one.

“In our toilets, we’ll have a DNA scanner — a computer chip that detects proteins and DNA fragments of cancer cells [in human waste] years before a tumor forms. The word tumor could disappear from the English language.”

Age 30 … and Holding. “We’re gradually teasing apart the genes that control the aging process,” Kaku notes. “There’s no fountain of youth yet, but we’re getting close. Our grandkids may hit age 30 and decide to stop there, because they like the age of 30. This is not science fiction.”