In a recent interview, which felt a lot like Red Bull-fueled speed-dating, Kaku talked fast and furiously about the ideas in his latest? best-seller, Physics of the Future: How Science Will Shape Human Destiny and Our Daily Lives by the Year 2100. So what does this latter-day Nostradamus see ahead? Beam us up, Michio, for a quick look-see:

In-Your-Face Internet.  Kaku predicts that people will surf the Web via their glasses? or contact lenses.

“It’ll shoot images into your eye or use glasses or an eyepiece,” Kaku says. “The military already does this. You put on a helmet and flick down a little eyepiece and bingo!? You’re online in half a second. And that’s today, not tomorrow. Tomorrow is where we put it right in your contact lens; you blink and go online. [President] Obama will never have to use a teleprompter again, and actors and actresses will never flub lines again. You’ll know exactly who to suck up to at a cocktail party. You will see a person’s face and a biography will appear.”

Shopaholics, Rejoice. “The four walls in your living room will be intelligent,” Kaku explains. “It’ll be like living in The Matrix. You’ll be able to simulate in three dimensions any store, any experience … it’ll be how you shop, check out potential travel destinations, simulate environments — even receive medical care.

“You’ll talk to Robo Doc, an animated version of a doctor who answers 99 percent of all common medical questions. This could reduce the cost of medical care. If it’s 4 a.m. and you feel something wrong with your stomach, Robo Doc will talk you through what could be wrong — and with a good bedside manner too.”