Michael J. Fox
Jeremy Goldberg

Welcome to the future. Please enjoy watching our comedy shows on your newfangled entertainment devices, the ideas for which were set in motion some 25 years ago with a familiar face who’s back in your living room. He still looks and sounds great, he still delivers the funniest lines and he still brings laughter to millions. Only in this future — a future in which Parkinson’s disease is very real and has taken root — he accepts the hand he was dealt, and he plays his cards well.

“I don’t fool myself that my natural state isn’t full-on, symptomatic Parkinson’s, 20 years out,” he says. “Even when I look at that as a worst-case scenario, I’m still very lucky.”

We’re lucky.

“My apologies again for pushing the interview back.”

Why is he apologizing?

Because he loves us. 

ADAM PITLUK is the director of American Airlines ­Publishing (and the editor of this magazine). He is the author of Standing Eight and Damned To Eternity.