Elliott Grand Hyatt Seattle Hotel, which opened last July, draws raves for gorgeous decor and stunning views of the Cascade Mountains. For working travelers with little time to gaze out the window, the Elliott also represents the cutting edge in hotel technology.

Among other benefits to the working traveler, the Elliott offers fiberless optic Internet connections at a minimum of five megabits per second, upgradeable to 100 mbps “in a heartbeat,” says Michelle Feist, the hotel’s manager of information systems.
Meeting rooms and guest rooms can be linked through a secure local- area network, and the hotel’s 150-seat auditorium features high-speed Internet connections at each seat. Groups meeting at the hotel can have their own interactive Web pages, including event schedules and speaker bios. Guests can also take advantage of a “digital concierge” in each room. The Internet portal allows guests to book restaurant tables, check flight times, and link to info about nearby attractions.
While many older hotels around the country rush to add tech services through expensive retrofitting, the Elliott was ready for the connected traveler when the doors opened. Michael Benvenuto, a telecommunications specialist with Deloitte Consulting, says the hotel’s technology is the main reason he and several colleagues have spent weeks there.
“Everything is significantly more robust and leading-edge” than at competing hotels, says Benvenuto. “You’re as productive as you would be anywhere.”