Julius Peppers, defensive end, University of North Carolina -If the Houston Texans hadn't owned the first overall selection and didn't land their franchise quarterback, this guy would be a no-brainer pick. Peppers is a great athlete - after all, he did play hoops for the Tar Heels - and owns the type of upside potential that has many scouts calling him the next Lawrence Taylor or Michael Strahan.
NFL Lookalike: Bruce Smith

David Carr, quarterback, Fresno State - Speaking of franchise quarterbacks, the Texans are counting on the talented Carr to lead them to immediate respectability. Houston stockpiled a monstrous offensive line in the NFL expansion draft, so Carr will likely be able to get out of bed on Mondays without the aid of crutches or a forklift.
NFL Lookalike: Peyton Manning

Joey Harrington, quarterback, Oregon - Once you've appeared on a building-size billboard in Times Square, what do you do for an encore? Well, Mark Wahlberg (the former Times Square underwear guy) starred in Planet of the Apes. Hopefully, Harrington's next step will be more prosperous. Harrington picked the perfect time to have his best collegiate game - the 2002 Fiesta Bowl - and was the comeback kid for the Ducks. Sports marketing directors are drooling over his prospects.
NFL Lookalike: Joe Montana

Roy Williams, safety, Oklahoma - Here's a safety who can cover a fleet-footed receiver and also knock them into next week. His Superman impersonation against arch rival Texas (he caused a game-turning interception off Chris Simms) is an all-time SportsCenter highlight reel.
NFL Lookalike: Darren Woodson

Bryant McKinnie, offensive tackle, Miami - The best lineman in the draft, McKinnie isn't going to make the headlines of his skill-position teammates. But he'll surely keep them out of the obits. A hulking man with catlike reflexes and better-than-average speed, McKinnie will be playing in Pro Bowls for the rest of the decade.