This rivalry has experienced its share of great moments. What Jets fan will forget Dolphins linebacker A.J. Duhe scoring a touchdown after intercepting a Ken O'Brien pass to win the AFC Championship Game in the Orange Bowl? And how could Dolphins faithful forget the 51-45 gunfight in the Meadowlands between O'Brien and Dolphins machine gun Dan Marino?

Now, Jets fans are reveling in The Streak, while Dolphins fans are trying to change the conversation to the Heat versus the Knicks.

"We're definitely inside their heads, and they can't do a thing about it," says Jets running back Curtis Martin. "The Dolphins like to talk, and it's great being able to keep them quiet twice a year. We plan on continuing the streak this year."

"We're 8-0 over the last four years," Jets center Kevin Mawae adds. "How can you not like that game? It's always going to be a tough game, but for whatever reason, we've got those guys' numbers."

"This one is a true blast from the past," says Rams cornerback Aeneas Williams, a blast from the past in his own right. "This is one of those special games that you always circle on the calendar before the season."

For a while, San Francisco struggled, thanks to a bloated roster of old, expensive talent and the retirement of the team's Hall of Fame quarterback Steve Young. Meanwhile, the Rams, behind the dynamic duo of Kurt Warner and Marshall Faulk, lit the NFL on fire with an offensive explosion not seen in these parts since Don Coryell's Chargers. But Walsh and general manager Terry Donahue have quickly rebuilt the proud 49ers, thanks in large part to finding a new field general in, of all places, Canada. Jeff Garcia is now the 49ers' man of the moment.