"I like boating and water-skiing on the bay. I have a Lip-Ship Edition Cigarette boat, which I love to spend as much time on as possible. Miami has the perfect weather for boating because it's always sunny and the water is always warm and clean. You can stay out on the boat as long as you want, and if you get hungry you can dock at restaurants like Scotty's Landing or Monty's in Coconut Grove or Sundays on the Bay in Key Biscayne for lunch. They're all indoor/outdoor seafood places, where the more casual you dress, the better."

"Miami is famous for its Cuban food and Cuban coffee. You can get the best at restaurants on Calle Ocho like Versailles, La Carreta, and La Casita. And you can get Cuban coffee, to drink there or to take home, pretty much everywhere in Calle Ocho."

"Zahbo in South Miami is one of my favorites. The food is a mix of Italian, Asian, and Latin American. The ambience is casual, and it has indoor/outdoor seating. My favorite dish is the osso buco. Amalfi in Coral Gables is good, too. It's Italian with great pasta and a big wine list. It's a nice family-owned restaurant. You feel like you're eating in their home. If you catch stone crab season, which is mid-October through mid-May, don't miss Joe's Stone Crab. It's the best stone crab in the world, and everybody knows it. The wait is sometimes three hours long."

"Jazid on South Beach has great live jazz. The crowd is trendy mixed, both locals and out-of-towners. It's a small, intimate setting, with sofas, chairs, and coffee tables. It's a really cool place with a great bar. Satchmo's in Coral Gables has local bands. It's a huge restaurant, with outdoor seating and a little outdoor stage. You can go for happy hour - or you might end up staying for the whole night. If you're into locally produced plays, The Coconut Grove Playhouse (pictured above) has tremendous theater."