"I'm more laid-back and would probably go to the movies at the Regal Cinema. But if you want a little more excitement, there are the famous clubs on South Beach. People don't arrive at most of the clubs until midnight. The best ones? Mynt is a local crowd - mostly because it's difficult to get in - including a lot of celebrities. In the basement level they play hip-hop, and in the upper level they play dance music and techno. Rumi is also an after-midnight place. Thursday nights are the best, but it's open all weekend. Rumi has all types of music - hip-hop, '70s, '80s, Latin, and more. Pearl has dance, hip-hop, and techno music."


"The Front Porch Café rocks. It's the new, happening place for breakfast, right on the beach. Their multigrain pancakes are great. It's an all-day indoor/outdoor cafe. Everyone goes there."

SIGHTS"[You have to go to] South Beach. There are a million people around, riding scooters or just walking in their shorts and bathing suits. Anywhere on Ocean Drive, you can see the South Beach scene. Lincoln Road is just one long pedestrian strip, no cars allowed. The sidewalk is part of the scene. Just take a walk down Lincoln Road and you'll see stores, restaurants, clubs, art galleries, movie theaters, everything. Coconut Grove is an area of Miami that's a lot more laid-back, not as many people, but there are stores and restaurants and theaters. Then there's Calle Ocho, the Cuban section of Miami, which is like a trip to Havana."