It stands to reason that tequila would get in on the rising tide of ultra-premium spirits that was kicked off by the single-malt scotch trend of a few years ago. New tequilas still show up occasionally in the I-just-won-the-lottery price range, including this stunning entry, called Rey Sol, made by San Matías distillery. The fittingly gorgeous bottle was designed by Sergio Bustamante, one of Mexico’s most famous living artists. He’s the man responsible for the sun and moon motifs so popular in the crafts of Guadalajara.

Currently only 2,500 bottles of Rey Sol are available, so you might want to buy a couple of lottery tickets tonight. Rey Sol’s deep, rich, and complex flavors make it perfect for sipping alone, but if mix you must, this one deserves a minimalist cocktail that doesn’t obscure its rich qualities. I’ve created the Less Is More-garita in its honor. Stir 1 ounce of Rey Sol with a splash of Grand Marnier over ice. Garnish with a lime wedge, and face the direction of Tijuana while sipping slowly.


Nacional Silver ($40)
Fresh and Feisty
Serve with Tex-Mex foods

Herradura Reposado ($35)
Smoky and Classic
Fantastic as an aperitif

Rey Sol ($400)
Rich and Luscious
A superb sipping tequilla