Solution: T-Mobile has the best rates in Europe, but AT&T offers the only world phone that also covers the majority of the rural U.S. Pick whichever one suits your traveling style.

Profile: Globetrotter
Travels abroad frequently, to many different countries.
Solution: T-Mobile and AT&T have the most reasonable rates to the greatest number of countries. Pick the one with the best reputation in your home city.

Profile: Long-tripper
Spends lots of time in one or two foreign countries, whether at a summer home, a favored vacation spot, or as part of a binational business.
Solution: Get T-Mobile or Cingular service and a prepaid local SIM card for your foreign country; you’ll have a local phone number in that country and save big bucks on per-minute charges.

Profile: Chatterer
Even on short trips, plans to tell the kids long bedtime stories or make lots of within-country calls.
Solution: Getting a local SIM card saves so much money per minute, it’s worth it even for short trips if you plan to make more than an hour’s worth of calls. Just remember, your U.S. friends will have to dial a foreign number to reach you.

Profile: Stick-in-the-mud
Wants a world phone, but doesn’t want to switch phone companies.
Solution: Ask your wireless phone company. Of the big carriers, only Verizon and Sprint users are left out in the cold. —