"The Majestic Hotel, with its rooftop terrace overlooking the Zócalo, is famous for breakfast. It's a beautiful view of the historic city. They have the eggs with grilled Mexican salami and grilled sausages. It's pretty American but with a Mexican touch - like with guacamole. If you get there early, you can see the changing of the flag ceremony and watch the military band, which is very famous."

"I don't want to go over the security thing, because that's not the point. Obviously, you have to keep an eye on what you're doing and the money that you are carrying, but I consider Mexico City a place to walk. Because walking in Mexico City is when you're going to feel what the city is all about and what it was 500 years ago. I walk in the Zócalo, in the historic center of the city. I remember seeing a very emotional speech by Vicente Fox, the new president, in front of the statue of El Ángel, a monument for freedom, in the Paseo de la Reforma. Listening to the new president's speech was a special moment. When I went to Mexico again and was walking in the area, I remembered that speech. And the meaning that speech had for anybody like me, who feels Mexico because they speak the language that I do. The new president promised changes in Mexico, which finally becomes a democracy after this last election. He talked about solving problems that have been endemic in the city, like poverty and crime. So I am very hopeful."

"There are wonderful museums. You have the Modern Art Museum, which is very nice. You have the National Gallery. But if I have to recommend a specific museum, it would be the museum of Dolores Olmedo Patiño, who was a close friend of Diego Rivera and a very close friend of his wife, Frida Kahlo. It's probably the best collection of Riveras and Kahlos together in Mexico City that you can find. It is a wonderful place to go. You can also go to Frida Kahlo's house and Diego Rivera's studio, which is not elaborate. It brings to mind how little you need to create art."

"Fonda el Refugio is a great Mexican restaurant in La Zona Rosa. What's wonderful about it is that all of the cooks in the kitchen are women. The food is fantastic. If you are out walking, you have to be careful eating from the stalls on the street. When I'm on the street, I just get the tamales. They are so hot, I don't think anything can survive on them. You can get them from little chariots in the park, like hot dogs in New York."

"We were shooting at Churubusco Azteca Studios, which is a place you can visit. I remember people coming on to the set who looked like tourists, with cameras. Those are the most famous studios in the city. They've been there a long, long time. It's a historical place that has been redone. By the time we were doing Zorro, they were in the middle of rebuilding the place, and now it's a very well-done studio in which many movies have been shot. Titanic did interiors there. Zorro was there. The movie that I did with Angelina was shot in there, too. Mexico City cinema is big. Having Los Angeles so close, it's normal that productions go there because they find it cheaper working in Mexico, and the crews are very good."

"El Palacio de Hierro is one of those monstrous super malls where you can find anything. The pink area, La Zona Rosa, is probably the best place in Mexico for shopping. It has the best stores in the world, from Armani and Valentino, to antiques stores and boutiques.You'll find whatever you are looking for in La Zona Rosa. That area is a little bit funny at night. You have to be careful. Mercado de Artesanías is a huge street market very close to the Zócalo, and there's an antiques market in La Zona Rosa, as well."

"If you've just had Mexican food and want a restaurant that's international, you go to La Petaluma. It's near Chapultepec Park in the Polanco area, and it's a very expensive restaurant. But you can have anything, from French cuisine to New York steaks to some Spanish dishes like paella. They can prepare spaghetti or whatever you want. You can also go to Fonda Don Chon, the famous Aztec restaurant, where you can eat things like fried worms. They taste like potato chips. They fry them, so when they get to you, they don't look like worms, just something very crispy. La Gruta is a restaurant in a huge cave where they say people used to hide out close to the pyramids in Teotihuacán. It's Mexican food. The waiters and waitresses have the folkloric dress and there's music."

"Of course, you can get good tequila at places like the Bar L'Opera. I don't drink alcohol, my friend. I am not to be trusted. But un poquito of tequila after a beautiful dinner is not going to cause you any damage. And it's good. Also, they have the mezcal, with the worm, which is not recommended. It's a little dangerous. It depends on how much you drink. I mean, water can be very dangerous if you drink the whole pool.