Finding the right tennis racket has become easier than ever, thanks to new advances by the leading brands. Not that we’re keeping score, but here are five to love. 

By Josh Sens

1.  Wilson [K]Factor, $209 A superstrong frame (fortified by carbon microfibers) and a sweet spot that allows for superior control make this the ideal racket for the advanced player. How advanced? Roger Federer, the world’s number one player, carries it to center court. 

2. Head Metallix 6, $250 Built with a matrix of carbon fibers and an innovative metal alloy that adds both power and precision, this forgiving racket provides effortless power to players who have short, slow swings.

3. Babolat Drive Z OS, $199 This innovative racket sports a handle shaped to fit your grip, thus giving you a better feel for the game by allowing your entire hand to stay in contact with the racket. End result: more power with less effort, and comfort that cuts down on fatigue. 

4. Prince O3 Speedport Red, $290 Crisper serves and more penetrating ground strokes — these are the promises fulfilled by a racket with a large sweet spot and a nifty aerodynamic design. 

5. Head Metallix 4, $225 With the same advanced technology as the Metallix 6 but a slightly different design, this one is ideal for players with medium-speed strokes.