Kid stuff you're on the road, jetting here and there, and you miss the kiddos, so you want to remember them with a special treat from your travels. These are our five favorite airports when it comes to shopping for the wee ones.

Pittsburgh International Airport, Pittsburgh

This one makes our list of favorites again. Moms and pops can pick up goodies galore for the offspring: animal-themed slippers from the soxx shop, an airplane-shaped pedal car from creative kidstuff, a precious moments doll from audrey's attic, and more. If you ask at one of the information booths, they'll give you a free coloring book with an aeronautical theme.  

Audrey's Attic, Concourse a
Creative Kidstuff, Center Core
Soxx shop, center core and concourse a

Hong Kong International Airport, Hong Kong
Terminal 1's skymart houses child-friendly shops like toys & games, magic of Hong Kong Disneyland, and Okashi Land (full of all the snacks and sweets the kids in Asia are eating these days). The Skyplaza, over at the newer Terminal 2, has even more options, including trendy apparel for everyone from newborns to tweens at Kingkow, games and gadgets at the Exploration store, and Even Thomas the tank engine at Michael's.

The exploration store, Terminal 2
Kingkow, Terminal 2
Magic of Hong Kong Disneyland, Terminal 1
Michael's, Terminal 2
Okashi Land, Terminal 1
Toys & Games, Terminal 1

San Francisco International Airport, San Francisco
The airport stores are closed and you still haven't gotten a souvenir? At sfo, that's not a problem. Just head to one of the zoom vending machines, swipe your credit card, and pick out a nice digital camera, a cell phone, or an Ipod. When the shops are open, consider kids city, compass books, and inmotion entertainment.  

Compass Books, Terminal 3
Inmotion Entertainment, Terminal 3 and International Terminal
Kids City, International Terminal
Zoom Travel Stores, International Terminal and Walkway between the International Terminal and Terminal 3