Calgary International Airport, Calgary
Worried you'll have to pay more at the airport than you would at the mall? You won't at Calgary International, whose claim to fame is its street-pricing, no-padding philosophy. So whether you're picking up duds for the Calgary Stampede at Riley & McCormick Western Boutique, investing in a fancy new PDA at Telus Mobility, or eyeing the orchid-scented body lotion at Fruits & Passion, rest assured that the price is right.  

Fruits & Passion, Departures Level East
Riley & McCormick Western Boutique, Concourse C/D (pre-security)

Telus Mobility, Departures Level West

Pittsburgh International Airport, Pittsburgh
Seeing names like Nine West, the Body Shop, Gap, Brookstone, GNC, and Victoria's Secret, you'd think you were at the mall. And you are - Pittsburgh International's Airmall. Designed to supply travelers with "the comfort you feel at your hometown mall," and sporting the same prices as the stores outside the airport, the Airmall is a concept that changed the face of airport shopping when it was introduced here in 1992. It has won travel-industry awards and been featured on the Today show, among other national broadcasts.  

The Body Shop, Center Core
Brookstone, Center Core
Gap, Center Core
GNC, Concourse A
Nine West, Center Core
Victoria's Secret, Center Core