Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam
The shopping may be considerably lower-end here, but Schiphol stands out for the wide range of products offered as well as for its exceptional customer service. It's also a duty-free-shopper's dream, rated as a top-five spot worldwide. You can even check out the cool tax-free finds before you get there through the airport's website. Also worth noting is that at Schiphol, all major currencies are accepted - so you can buy a few pieces of lovely Delft pottery and packets of tulip bulbs from stores like ­Fleurtiek in Schiphol Plaza with whatever bills you happen to be carrying in your wallet.

Schiphol Plaza, located outside the terminals

Zurich Airport, Zurich
Zurich is another duty-free mecca - and one of the few remaining in Europe. But the prime benefit of shopping here is the hours. Elsewhere, store hours are regulated by Swiss law. So, for instance, while other shops must close at five p.m. on Saturdays, the ones at the airport can stay open until eight p.m. And, unlike many stores in Zurich, the ones in the airport don't close for lunch. So you'll have more time to get yourself one of those famous Swiss clocks from Türler, a bottle of perfume from Bulgari for someone back home, or one of the bags in Navyboot's new line for men.  

Bulgari, Level 1
Navyboot, Level 1
Türler, Level 1