The following questions are provided by the folks at American Mensa, the High IQ Society. Can you provide the answers? If you find that you do need some help, click here for the answers. By Dr. Abbie F. Salny

1. Choose the correct letter from each clue in the rhyme below. When put in order, the five letters will spell the answer to the riddle.

My first is in tap but not in cap.
My second in up but not in tap.
My third in look you’ll always find.
My fourth to please keep in mind.
My last in pay and also pink.
My whole a flower, try to think.
___ ___ ___ ___ ___

2. What one three-letter word can be placed in the blanks below to make three different words?

3. The 15 letters below can be anagrammed into a four-word phrase describing the cause of a painful
situation that won’t subside.

4.Make your way from BANK to LOAN as seen below in only seven steps, changing one letter at a time to make a good English word at each step.
___ ___ ___ ___
___ ___ ___ ___
___ ___ ___ ___
___ ___ ___ ___
___ ___ ___ ___
___ ___ ___ ___

5. Pat likes books but not magazines, she likes going to shows but not to the ballet, and she likes movies but not pictures. By the same rules, will she like videos or tapes?

6. The following puzzle consists of one word that can be split into two words.
One word: wound
Two words: where a trial winds up

Bonus Question: Bonus Question: Sonya (also called Sophia) Kovalevskaya was born in Moscow and earned a doctoral degree from the University of Gottingen. She had a very prestigious occupation for a woman of her time. What was it?

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Dr. Abbie F. Salny was the supervisory psychologist for American Mensa and Mensa International for more than 25 years. She is a coauthor of the Mensa Think Smart Book. Quiz © 2009 by Dr. Abbie F. Salny and American Mensa Limited from the Mensa Page-A-Day Calendar (Workman Publishing). The 2010 edition of the calendar is available for sale now.