The following questions are provided by the folks at American Mensa, the High IQ Society. Can you provide the answers? If you find that you do need some help, click here for the answers. By Dr. Abbie F. Salny

1. What number best completes the sequence?

1 1 2 4 3 ? 4 16 5 25

2. What two words, formed from different arrangements of the same seven letters, can be used to complete the sentence below?

The cartographers listened to the ___________
authority and ___________ the map to the
boundaries of the new country.

3. Start with the number of thieves in the Ali Baba story, subtract the square root of 100, and divide by the number of fingers on one hand. What number do you get?

4. Two gardeners can plant eight rosebushes in two hours. How many gardeners will it take to plant 64 bushes in four hours?

5. Make your way from HEAT to COLD in only four steps, changing one letter at a time to make a good English word at each step.


6. A simple substitution code has been used to conceal a “quote” from Annie Oakley. Work out the code to decipher the original words.


7. An eight-letter word appears in the box below. Find it by beginning with the correct letter and moving clockwise or counterclockwise around the inner rim of the box, using each letter only once.



8. To the best of our knowledge, only one other word can be made from all of the letters in the word insatiable. Can you figure out what it is?

Bonus Question: Traditionally, the U.S. Navy names battleships after what?

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Dr. Abbie F. Salny was the supervisory psychologist for American Mensa and Mensa International for more than 25 years. She is a coauthor of the Mensa Think Smart Book. Quiz © 2009 by Dr. Abbie F. Salny and American Mensa Limited from the Mensa Page-A-Day Calendar (Workman Publishing). The 2009 edition of the calendar is available for sale now.