The following questions are provided by the folks at American Mensa, the High IQ Society. Can you provide the answers? If you find that you do need some help, click here for the answers. By Dr. Abbie F. Salny

1. A patriotic phrase has been put into very fancy language. Can you put it into everyday English? The territory of those who are not bound by undue restrictions and the habitat of the stouthearted

2. To the best of our knowledge, only one other word can be made from all the letters in the word coagulated. Can you figure out what it is?

3. The following puzzle consists of one word that can be split into two words.

One word: delightful
Two words: to scorch a Chinese vase

4. The logic professor left a notice on the door of his class on Monday. It said: “Class is canceled for an emergency. We will meet three days before six days after yesterday.” What day will his class meet?

5. What one three-letter word can be placed in the blanks below to make four different words?

________ LESS

6. What number best completes the sequence?

100 ? 101 98 102 99 103

7. Unscramble the 20 letters below to make a common four-word phrase describing what actions do.


8. What words, formed from different arrangements of the same six letters, can complete the sentence?

The mysterious _____ that was found in the
desert led to a major _____over its translation.

9. Unscramble the letters in each “pie” segment, and then find the missing letter that completes each word. (The missing letter, indicated by the question mark, is the same for each word.)

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Bonus Question: Aristotle was arguably Plato’s most famous student. Who was Aristotle’s?

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Dr. Abbie F. Salny was the supervisory psychologist for American Mensa and Mensa International for more than 25 years. She is a coauthor of the Mensa Think Smart Book. Quiz © 2009 by Dr. Abbie F. Salny and American Mensa Limited from the Mensa Page-A-Day Calendar (Workman Publishing). The 2009 edition of the calendar is available for sale now.