Mensa Quiz

The following questions are provided by the folks at American Mensa, the High IQ Society. Can you provide the answers? If you find that you do need some help, try our Puzzle and Quiz Answers page.

1. A simple substitution code has been used to conceal a “quote.” Work out the code to decipher the original words.

Humpty Dumpty:
16-12-5-1-19-5     4-15-14-20     3-1-12-12
13-5     1-14     5-7-7-8-5-1-4

2. What two seven-letter words that are anagrams of each other can be used to complete the sentence below?

The pretty glass _ _ _ _ _ _ _ fell off the
girl’s foot, tumbled off the bridge
and disappeared under the _ _ _ _ _ _ _.

3. Make your way from SHOE to COAT in only four steps. To do so, change only one letter at a time. Note that you must come up with a good English word at each step along the way.

— — — —
— — — —
— — — —

4. What two six-letter words that are anagrams of each other can be used to complete the following sentences?

The irate customer began to _ _ _ _ _ _ the clerk. “I mailed in the forms but was denied the
_ _ _ _ _ _ that you promised,” he said.

5. One teenager eats ice-cream cones at the rate of 36 in three hours. Her friend likes them even more and can eat the same number in only two hours. How long will it take the two of them together to eat 36 ice-cream cones?

6. Each letter of an eight-letter word is in the box. Find it by beginning with the correct letter and moving clockwise or counterclockwise around the box, using each letter only once.

A       B       A

R                 N

A       S       D

Bonus Question: In a motorboat, Brad left at 2 p.m. Saturday with fuel for two days. He arrived at 2 p.m. Sunday with an empty tank. With no weather phenomena, what happened?

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Dr. Abbie F. Salny was the supervisory psychologist for American Mensa and Mensa International for more than 25 years. Quiz © Dr. Abbie F. Salny and American Mensa from the Mensa Page-A-Day Calendar (Workman Publishing).