The following questions are provided by the folks at American Mensa, the High IQ Society. Can you provide the answers?

1. A statement is written below in a simple substitution code. Decipher the code to get the statement.

14-5-22-5-18 16-21-20 15-6-6 21-14-20-9-12
23-8-1-20 25-15-21 3-1-14 16-21-20 15-6-6
21-14-20-9-12 20-8-5
4-1-25 1-6-20-5-18 20-15-13-15-18-18-15-23

2. Think of a word for a piece of clothing or a geographical feature, and then add a letter to it to get a word for a prank or a part of a flower used in food.

3. Unscramble the letters in each word below, and then unscramble the order of the words to create a Tom Swifty sentence.


4. A good idea is coiled in the grid below. To spell it out, start with one letter and move to an adjacent letter in any direction. (Hint: Start with a “D.” There is one null.)

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5. What two words, formed from different arrangements of the same five letters, can be used to complete the sentence below?

The favorite jokes are old __________ and tend
to get ________ unless they are reworked.

6. Unscramble the letters in each “pie” segment; then find the missing letter that completes each word. (The missing letter is the same for each word.)

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Bonus Question: A late-nineteenth-century tone poem based on Nietzsche’s Thus Spake Zarathustra became the signature theme for a 1968 film nominated for four Academy Awards. What was the film?

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Dr. Abbie F. Salny was the supervisory psychologist for American Mensa and Mensa International for more than 25 years. She is a coauthor of the Mensa Think Smart Book. Quiz © 2008 by Dr. Abbie F. Salny and American Mensa Limited from the Mensa Page-A-Day Calendar (Workman Publishing). The 2008 edition of the calendar is available for sale now.