If your idea of male grooming is a nit-picking primate on Animal Planet, you’ve never had the pleasure of ­Truman’s Gentlemen’s Groomers, a refined men’s lounge with two locations in New York. For nearly a decade, Truman’s has been a refuge for guys seeking smooth shaves and stylish haircuts, along with scalp massages and other spa services. But the business now goes beyond brick and mortar, thanks to a new line of grooming products that help you get the same great results at home. Like the clients they’re designed for, the products are sophisticated but un-fussy. They include a soothing shave cream enriched with vitamins, essential oils and biomarine extracts that prevent ingrown hairs and irritation; a sulfate-free shampoo that cleans and moisturizes, fortifying hair even as it rids it of sweat, city grime and chlorine buildup; and a finishing paste blended with beeswax that holds hair in place without adding weight. The control paste comes with a convenient delivery system that doles out just the right amount of product, no matter what type of hair you have. Products start at $17 and spa services are $25 to $150, www.trumans-nyc.com