Garment Weekender Bag
Chris LaPointe

HOOK+ALBERT, a leading designer of men’s travel accessories, has released two of the latest and greatest products needed for every man on the go. The first is a totally tricked-out weekend bag that strikes a nimble balance between fashion and function. Available in canvas and leather, the Garment Weekender Bag has a built-in garment bag that folds effortlessly within the contours of the bag, reducing wrinkles while making the most of the compact space. The second product is the Accessories Dopp Kit , a handy carryall for those crucial extras. Elastic bands for collar stays? The Dopp Kit’s got ’em, along with removable straps for ties, slots for tie bars, button holes designed for cuff links and lapel flowers, and foldout protection for sunglasses and watches. Everything you need, kept organized and ready-to-wear, so you can travel light and still look good. Garment Weekender Bag, $365 to $550; Accessories Dopp Kit, $135 to $160;