When it comes to beauty products, it often seems like women get to have all the fun. To get guys in on the action, Birchbox — the monthly beauty-product-sample subscription service adored by an almost cultlike following of women nationwide — has launched Birchbox Man. Turns out, dudes appreciate the finer things in life too: smooth skin, terrific hair and smelling great. Now, instead of settling for the basics or covertly pilfering decadent products from the ladies in their lives, a Birchbox Man subscription ($20 per month) means they’ll enjoy a monthly delivery of large, trial-size products they never knew they were missing, like Mr. Natty Face Forest Soap Beard Shampoo, Art of Shaving Cream, HYD for Men Razor Shield and Marvis toothpaste. Just as in the women’s boxes, the contents are tailored to individual preference based on the grooming profile filled out upon sign-up, and the contents change monthly. www.birchbox.com