answer questions: bidders expect answers to inquiries within 24 hours. the sooner you answer, the more likely you are to get a bid.
pack carefully: assume your package will hit the concrete at least once on the way to its new owner. copious amounts of bubble wrap will help your treasure arrive intact.

when buying ...
a car: be sure you know about ebay’s automotive assurance program, which provides a free limited warranty for cars under 10 years old with fewer than 125,000 miles. free purchase insurance protects against fraud. you can have the vehicle inspected for $99.95 and run a free carfax report to get its history.
fine art: live auctions in conjunction with butterfields or sothebys allow ebay bidders to participate, but before bidding, familiarize yourself with each seller’s terms and conditions. live auctions almost always include a hammer fee, adding up to 20 percent to your winning bid.