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Trae Patton/NBC

Up All Night? Mother of three Maya Rudolph knows a thing or two about that.

“I never planned to be pregnant in six or seven movies and TV shows, but I have been pregnant three times in the last five years,” remarks Maya Rudolph, who stars on NBC’s buzz-heavy new sitcom, Up All Night. But before Guinness World Records comes calling, she admits she’s got some pretty stiff competition from a fellow alumna of Saturday Night Live, the show that made her a star.

“Amy Poehler is the only other actress who’s been pregnant as much as me lately,” she says. “I think we’re not afraid to work pregnant, because as comedians we’re used to letting it all hang out anyway. We’re shameless.”

Rudolph, 39, has forged a formidable post-SNL career since retiring from the show in 2007, alternating between big-screen ­belly-laughers such as Adam Sandler’s Grown Ups and indie darlings like Away We Go. Her first regular TV gig since SNL, Up All Night — which casts her opposite fellow parents Will Arnett (real-life husband to the perpetually pregnant Poehler) and Christina Applegate (whose first child, daughter Sadie, was born in January) — is about, appropriately enough, the highs and lows of parenthood. It’s something the three actors — who have six young children among them — can certainly understand.

“I don’t even know if anyone on this show is even doing any acting,” she says. “It might be, like, zombie acting. It might be people acting while they’re sleeping, which is something I did on a movie once. I was eating room-temperature soup in a scene at a dinner table and I heard someone say my character’s name and then it got really, really quiet, and I realized, ‘Oh, gosh, I think it’s my line.’ ”

Rudolph’s next project is the big-screen dramedy Friends with Kids, with Jon Hamm and Kristen Wiig leading a cast of Gen-Xers grappling with pregnancy and fidelity. But despite the parenting theme to her recent projects, don’t expect Rudolph to dispense wisdom for other moms.

“The only good parenting advice I have is: Don’t take any parenting advice,” she says. “Especially not from celebrities or people who say they love you.”