Tequila is no longer the hard-core spirit of tough, leather-faced men or the party shot of choice during spring break. Today, the blue agave plant–based spirit is all grown up: Ultrapremium tequilas have emerged to be savored as refined beverages. As we celebrate Cinco de Mayo in adult fashion, the luxurious the St. Regis Atlanta is debuting its signature blend of tequila.
“Today there is a serious shift toward its status as a sophisticated and crafted spirit with unique facets and flavors,” says the hotel’s food and beverage director, Robert Brandenberg. “Tequila is becoming more and more a beverage of choice by sippers of fine brown spirits, especially among those who enjoy fine whiskeys.”
The custom-made reposado (meaning: rested) is created with 100 percent blue agave that is roasted in clay ovens, then aged two to 12 months. The liquid gold is handcrafted by premium tequila distiller Herradura Tequila in Jalisco, Mexico. The St. Regis Atlanta Herradura Private Selection Tequila will be featured in an assortment of seasonal cocktails, including the “Magmargarita,” made with passion fruit, pineapple, pink peppercorn, jalapeño and Cointreau. ¡Salud! www.stregisatlanta.com