Craig Blankenhorn/FX
As a 1980s Russian spy on FX’s The Americans, Matthew Rhys keeps his cards (and his disguises) close to the vest. In real life, lucky for us, the Welsh actor is a little more candid — and he won’t report us to the KGB for asking.

Best thing about the ’80s: “ ‘Come On Eileen’ by Dexys Midnight Runners, just for the handclap above your head and side pass with your feet.”

On your iPod: “The Civil Wars. Can’t do them justice in one sentence, so buy it.”

Hardest part of an American accent: “The word murderer. I always ask if I can change it to ‘killer,’ ‘suspect,’ ‘assailant.’ Sometimes when I say it, it sounds like my battery runs dead.”

Childhood nickname: “Frank. I used to impersonate a character on British ‘telly’ called Frank Dillon.”

Go-to breakfast: “Fried-egg sandwich”

Cook or order in? “Order in, always. Especially pizza. Especially on a hangover. It’s like an old friend.”

Hidden talent: “Sound effects. A lion impersonation that incorporates a jug, that usually entertains children for at least four to five seconds. I play the didgeridoo.”

Cat or dog? “Dog, always. Cats don’t carry Frisbees well.”

Your perfect weekend: “Outdoors. Mountains. Horses. Cook out. Cold beers.”

Twitter — yea or nay? “Hmmmm. Split. Sometimes yea, sometimes nay — depends how vehemently I’m on my soapbox.”

Best vacation ever: “A 750-km horse expedition across Argentina, from the Atlantic to the Andes: one month, 30 gauchos, a lot of roasted lamb and more red wine. Best experience of my life.”