Do you do a lot of fishing? I was raised in Wyoming, and I'm sort of a fly-fisherman, so I have not done any deep-sea fishing. I plan on doing that, though. One of the guys on the show, Josh Holloway, got a boat because he is really into it. One of these days I'm going to go out with him. He invites me all the time. We have not had an opportunity to do that just yet, but we will.

Have you taken any excursions to other islands? We spent some time on Kauai and Maui. My wife and I recently went to the Big Island to spend an anniversary, actually. We had a really wonderful time. The Big Island is huge, and it's very volcanic. It's sort of dry. It's an incredible place. It goes from sea level to 13,800 feet in about a 40-mile stretch. Everywhere you look, there is black volcanic rock. You can go out in the volcanic fields that are hot and pretty dangerous too. You've got to be careful.

Where are the places you have filmed episodes of Lost that people could recognize from the show? The North Shore is where we shoot all the beach stuff. There is a place up there called Police Beach, a.k.a. Papailoa Beach. It's pretty restricted. I mean, we do have people coming out to the island now and trying to find locations and going to see where we are shooting. I can tell you that we have a security system, so that's not the easiest thing in the world to do. But there are places on the North Shore that they would totally recognize. They could go over to the beach where we shot the pilot. It's a beach people hang out on. But I can't even tell you the name of that beach. You know, I've kind of gotten the local mentality around here. You ask a lot of locals what the names of things are, and they don't know. They can tell you how to get there, but people don't pay attention to the names of things. You ask for directions around here, and they are like, "Well, you go down here, and when you get to that bunch of trees, you go right there, and then drive along and you'll see a bridge, and you take a left after that."